Make an Orange Norsman tube!

Orange Norsman tube fly is an excellent fly for Salmon and Seatrout flyfishing.
The Orange Norsman fly is one of my favourite tube flies, especially in clear weather.
Description below!

List of materials:
Plastic Tube – Large
Plastic Tube – Small in the same colour as the cone head. Must fit the Plastic Tube – Large
Cone Head heavy works good. Must fit the Small Plastic Tube. I use red cone heads
Pearl Mylar Piping. Must fit the Plastic Tube – Large
Long winged hair from goat or dog. Black is the one I use often
Red hair from goat or squirrel

Follow the text and the photos below:
Nr 1 Cut the Plastic Tubes. Normal size is 2.5 – 3.0 cm.
Nr 2 Put the small Plastic Tube into the large one. Tie them together and tie the red thread arond the tube. Leave 5 mm untied.
Nr 3 Put a pice of Pearl Mylar Piping over the tube. Length three times the tube length 7.5- 9 cm.
Tie the red thread around the tube. Leave 4 mm untied at the end of the tube. Safe the thread with a whip finish tool in front of the tube and cut the thread.
Nr 4 Apply plenty of varnish on the tube.
Nr 5 Pull the Pearl Mylar Piping over the tube. Tie up the front part and remove the leftover portion.
Nr 6 Tie Angel Hair in front of the tube.
Nr 7 Tie some hair from goat or dog over the Angel Hair. Here I use some hair from my Sobel Collie Rasmus!
Nr 8 Tie red squirrel or red goat hair over the Sobel Collie hair. This hair must be shorter than the Sobel Collie hair.
Nr 9 Tie all the hair backwards on the tube. Tie also a few laps behind the hair or use just a small drop Super Glue behind the wing so that the entire wing stands up a bit.
Nr 10 Tie a red or orange feather from good quality hen in front of the wing.
Nr 11 Put a small drop of Super Glue in front of the wing and push the cone head at the tube. Cut of the rest of the tube 2-3 mm in front of the cone head. Melt carefully that part with a lighter!
Your Orange Norsman is ready for fishing!
Nr 12 I often use hair from my Collie dogs!
Nr 13 I cathed this salmon in the big northern Swedish river Kalix Älv (Kalix river) with an Orange Norsman. It was the week after midsummer 2012. 10.2 kg.

If you have any questions you are welcome to send an e-mail to me
You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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2 kommentarer till Make an Orange Norsman tube!

  1. John Juan skriver:

    Leo,thank you for the nicely written article.Here in the USA in upstate NY,Wayne County,we have good runs of salmon and rainbows on which these should be quite effective.Take care.


  2. leooras skriver:

    Thanks for your nice feed-back Doug! I hope you will try an Orange Norsman in your nice rivers over there. Best regards!


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