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Variant Thunder & Lightning – light dressed – thin wing

Variant of Thunder & Lightning – light dressed – thin wing – silver tinsel – flat conehead – red butt A tube fly for low water Related link https://ljunganinfo.com/2017/02/22/rasmus-fly-rasmus-fluga/ Three photos in the gallery. Click at one of the photos!

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Rasmus fly – Rasmus fluga

My sable coloured collie named ”Rasmus” has wonderful brown and white hair with the right elasticity for tube flies. The fly in the picture has got the name ”Rasmus tube fly.” Fine weather fly that also works well in colored … Läs mer

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This is the FLY – River Ljungan in Sweden opens 1st March for seatroutfishing

For seatrout and salmon fishing in river Ljungan is my favorite tube fly this variant of Thunder & Lightning How to tie – describtion: https://ljunganinfo.com/2014/10/22/my-favourite-tube-fly/ Read more about the Thunder & Lightning at the links below: https://ljunganinfo.com/2013/11/01/thunder-and-lightning-forenklad-variant/ https://ljunganinfo.com/2014/06/03/after-the-fight-look-at-the-hook/ https://ljunganinfo.com/2015/12/21/kaspers-sista-tubfluga/ https://ljunganinfo.com/2016/03/06/spring-and-summer-tube-fly/

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Spring and summer tube fly

Spring- and summertime tube fly for seatrout and salmon fishing in river Ljungan and Kalix Älv. Thunder & Lightning variant. Sobel Collie hair. Brown and just some white hair.

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Kaspers sista tubfluga

Vår kära trefärgade collie Kasper gick in i evigheten den 16 januari 2015 efter 13 år hos oss. Många är de tubflugor som han har bidragit till med sitt långa mörka hår. Kasper har på det sättet hjälpt mig att … Läs mer

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Ljungan river Sweden/salmon catch 17/8 2015

Ljungan river, Allsta rapids at the south side is a wellknown salmon catching pool. Big salmon rushes often down the stream. So did this salmon lady. The Ljungan salmons are often big and extremely fat. The lenght of this salmon … Läs mer

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Make an Orange Norsman tube!

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Orange Norsman tube fly is an excellent fly for Salmon and Seatrout flyfishing. The Orange Norsman fly is one of my favourite tube flies, especially in clear weather. Description below! MAKE AN ORANGE NORSMAN TUBE! List of materials: Plastic Tube … Läs mer

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My favourite tube fly

My favourite tube fly for Salmon and Seatrout. Colliedog hair wing Gold or silver tinsel Conehead rather heavy Superglue at the body Body length about 3.5-4.0 cm Wing length about 7 cm Guinea Fowl blue Orange hen hackle After the … Läs mer

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After the fight – look at the hook!

The tube fly is a variant of Thunder & Lightning. This is the salmon that I struggled with! 112 cm – 15 kilos. River Ljungan, Sweden. Click the link! https://ljunganinfo.com/2014/06/01/ljunganlax-31-maj-2014-bilder-och-video-2/

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One of my favorites ……

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