Flyfishing in river Lærdalselva, Norway. Video – Photos

Follow the adventures of four skillful flyfishers in Lærdalselva this summer 2014.
I like the movie that is tastefully subtitled with fitting music to!
See the video and the photos!
”This place is like the land of Rohan
And you never know what lies around the next corner
Big fish maybe waiting”

Link to the fishing adventure! Video by Christian Snar.
Read more about Lærdal and Lærdalselva. Link!ærdal#L.C3.A6rdalselvi_river
PHOTOS! Click at one of the photos and you have a GALLERY.
Photografer is Christian Snar!

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4 kommentarer till Flyfishing in river Lærdalselva, Norway. Video – Photos

  1. Wendy Macdonald skriver:

    Leo, what a gorgeous fishing spot this it.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  2. leooras skriver:

    Thanks Wendy for your comment! Our neighbour country Norway is really beautiful. In Norway we have a lot of nice rivers as you have in Canada!

  3. bgbowers skriver:

    Stunning photos 🙂

  4. leooras skriver:

    Thanks Bianca!


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