A tribute to my favourite poets

This video is a tribute to my favourite poets. They give me with their poetry and images inspiration, creativity, joy and sometimes reflective melancholy feelings.

Listen to the sound from the restored Allsta rapids in river Ljungan, Sweden. It’s my tribute to you, Bianca, Melanie, Björn, Wendy and Jacqueline!

Read my favourite poets! Enjoy the poems, writings and pictures! Click at the links!






Video! A tribute to my favourite poets!

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8 kommentarer till A tribute to my favourite poets

  1. bgbowers skriver:

    Thank you, Leo. You are so very kind. I would love to sit next to the water in this video and write…
    Bianca 🙂

  2. leooras skriver:

    Thanks Bianca! Hope you sometimes listen to the sound from the Ocean in your part of the World!

  3. I ljudet av forsen
    när dagsländor dansar
    öringen hugger
    skymning vid älven
    och tjärveden sprakar

  4. Wendy Macdonald skriver:

    This is beautiful, Leo. Thank you. Nature’s music is the best.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  5. Beautiful!!
    Thank you so much my friend! You are so kind and thoughtful 🙂

  6. leooras skriver:

    Thanks for your comment, Melanie! I hope that my blog readers will find your blogsite and your poems!


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