Mittnytt den 20/8 om projektet i Ljungan

Mittnytt den 20/8 2014 om projektet i Ljungan.
Se mittnytts reportage om Statkrafts projekt i Ljungan på nedanstående länk!

Läs mer om projektet på nedanstående länk!

Foto Mats Holmberg

Foto Mats Holmberg

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4 kommentarer till Mittnytt den 20/8 om projektet i Ljungan

  1. bgbowers skriver:

    Hi Leo, do you think that you could include a short summary of these posts in English?
    Well done for all of your efforts 🙂

    • leooras skriver:

      I am very pleased that you are interested in our river Ljungan, Sweden, Bianca!
      We (the opinion group ”Ljunganfiskarna” eng. ”Ljungan fishermen”) works together with the holders of fishing and several agencies in a joint project with the hydro company Statkraft.
      Statkraft regulate river Ljungan. What is unique is that all cooperate in the project, which aims to see how the living conditions are for the salmon in the river. With more knowledge, we can then take the right steps to make better conditions for the salmons in river Ljungan.
      You can read more about the project at this link!

      • bgbowers skriver:

        Thank you, Leo. I appreciate that. What a wonderful and worthwhile project. I will share as much as I can. 🙂

  2. leooras skriver:

    Thank you very much for your support! I have e-mailed you some more information!


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