Ljunganbilder – Erik Stolt

To my English-speaking friends and of course also to all my Swedish friends!
Erik Stolt is a filmmaker by profession.
I had the pleasure to fish with Erik and his father Anders in the River Orkla, Norway at this year’s premiere.
I have also fished with Erik in my home river Ljungan.
Erik is a fisherman who fish hard and use the fishing day to the maximum.
You will be inspired by his enthusiasm.
He is a skilled fisherman who often catch fish.
Enjoy his pictures from the last fishing days in river Ljungan before the stop in mid October.

Thanks Erik for your great photos and for a nice day of fishing and welcome back to river Ljungan!

You will find his photos under the top page picture. Click: ”Ljunganbilder – Erik Stolt” or this link: https://leooras.wordpress.com/ljunganbilder-erik-stolth/

Foto Erik Stolt

Foto Erik Stolt

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